Finnish Institute: STEAM Residency in Edinburgh and Oulu (Finland / Scotland)


In collaboration with the Finnish Institute, the City of Edinburgh and the City of Oulu in Finland have established the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) residency project in order to build greater international collaboration between the two cities and to support creative learning for children and youth in both locations.

Drawing upon Edinburgh’s strong cultural sector and work with creative learning and Oulu’s experience with STEAM in schools and its current bid to become the 2026 European Capital of Culture, this residency represents a pilot to expand efforts supporting international co-creation in the fields of culture, arts and technology.

The objectives of this residency are:

To support professional development for teachers and collaborations among schools interested in the field of STEAM in Edinburgh and Oulu.
To offer opportunities for Scottish and Finnish artists to work with teachers in the development of artistic co-creation activities involving children and youth.
This residency will select one Edinburgh-based teacher, one Oulu-based teacher, one Scottish artist, and one Finnish artist. Once selected, this group of four professionals will be given resources to work together as a team to plan and implement STEAM activities with the schools of selected teachers.

While separate calls for teachers have been organised by the cities of Edinburgh and Oulu, this particular call is for interested artists based in Finland or Scotland.

The expected content of the residency will lead to the design and implementation of a STEAM activity in Edinburgh during 2021 and a similar STEAM activity during 2021 in Oulu. These actions are expected to take place in collaboration with participating teachers’ schools and/or during cultural events in Edinburgh and in Oulu. Expected STEAM activities can include, but are not limited to, art installations, performances or community-based art. However, all activities must include active co-creation participation with children and/or youth at the selected schools and/or wider community.

The STEAM residency will offer the following to one Finland-based artist and one Scotland-based artist:

2500 EUR grant payable to each artist for work time associated with the development of STEAM activities.
For the Scotland and Finland-based artists, flight and accommodation costs for two trips to the other country.
Deadline: 21 September 2020

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