Paneelikeskustelu työtilaisuuksista ja -tiloista: Open Calls, Auditions and Spaces, 8.3. Helsinki / Zodiak


Place: Cable Factory, Zodiak Studio C4,  Tallberginkatu 1, 00180 Helsinki (inner yard, stair/door C, 4th floor).
Time: 8.3. 22, 16:00 – 17:30

On 8.3. 2022, Globe Art Point in collaboration with the Cultural Centre Caisa, New Theatre Helsinki and  Zodiak Center for New Dance is organising a panel discussion reflecting on the current situation in the performing field in Finland. During the discussion, we will touch upon:

  • The lack of open auditions and open calls in the field. How does one get into the field when the open positions are often shared word to mouth which results in the same group of people being repeatedly hired?
  • The inability of professionals to find affordable premises for their practice. Cultural centres often remain empty and unutilised due to their expensive rates and slow decision making processes. Are there any ways to provide the space to small associations during these dead hours?
  • Inclusiveness of the field. What are the true challenges of opening the field to become more participatory? Loss of control? Less quality? What?
    Diversity of the field and more.

Presenting panellists:

Angela Aldebs– Freelance Dancer
David Kozma– Artistic Director at New Theatre Helsinki
Harri Kuorelahti– Artistic Director at Zodiak
Paiju Tyrväinen– Head of Division at City of Helsinki
Moderated by Cátia Suomalainen Pedrosa, Director of Caisa.

After the panel discussion we will have an audience Q&A. We would like to encourage all of our participants to wear a face mask. Let’s protect each other!

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