Globe Art Point Helsinki: events and survey


Globe Art Point information service platform is a service targeted to foreign (and Finnish) artists resident in Finland. It compiles and distributes information and surveys of these artists and their circumstances, information of Finnish labour legislation and taxation practises as well as of public and private funding targeted to art and culture sector.

There are many events coming to Globe Art Point.

The first ones will be a Meeting discussion for theatre workers ”Contemporary Theatre Project- Synthesis of Arts” By Interlab Ry in Russian, Finnish and English, or the Talk with the professor Venu Dhupa about her EU Diversity report by Catalysti Ry.

Our next Help Desk event will be a Grants application workshop by Sepideh Rahaa intended for visual and media artists who are going to send their proposals in the incoming Grants applications. And soon we will hold a new Help Desk about Finnish taxation for individual artists.

We are making an anonymous survey about the real situation of non-born finnish artists residing in Finland.

With the results, we will be able to develop better strategies and specific solutions. Also, we will be able to make pressure offering real data to the decision makers and members of the Finnish culture and arts community, to obtain tangible commitments.

We kindly ask you to take the survey and spread it among your contacts. It will not take you long but the results we persuade will do!

We will continue updating our program and resources, remember that you can always contact us at and for more personal questions you can always get in contact with our managing director Tomi Purovaara (performing arts, literature, big scale projects) and our project coordinator Kemê Pellicer (visual/media arts, personal projects & net presence).