Granada International Festival hakee EU-partnereita projektiinsa


the Granada International Festival of Music and Dance (Spain) is looking for partners to join DANSART, a project focused on the cultural legacy of the choreographer Sergei Diaghilev.

Our project DANSART “Diághilev today: crossing borders through dance, music, visual and performing arts” seeks to celebrate the figure of the Russian director and choreographer Sergei Diaghilev through a contemporary approach to his legacy by bringing together the contemporary arts (paint, music, design, choreography, dance, performing arts, etc.) that will revisit Diaghilev’s ideas through a global production of a contemporary mise-en-scène.

Further that this, the aim of the project relies as well in developing public engagement strategies, by the use of new technologies, data analysis and the creation of tools for the promotion of young entrepreneurs in the arts.

Potential partners could be located in countries where Diaghilev had had impact in the development of new forms of transdisciplinary art that combines dance, visual arts, music and performance or that are planning a deep change in their artistic proposals and need new strategies to engage new audiences.

More information: partner_search_Festival_punto de Cultura1.1