Grant for presenting Korean performance


Center Stage Korea (CSK), initiated and organized by the Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS), is a partnership with international presenters to bring Korean performing arts to new stages.

Through cooperation with festival, venues, and networks, Center Stage Korea introduces Korea’s diverse performing arts to audiences around the world, promoting cultural enrichment and enhanced mutual understanding and exchange in the arts.

1)         Who Can Apply

International presenter (festival organizer, venue, or network) seeking to organize a program featuring Korean artists/groups
– The proposed project must provide appropriate remuneration to the Korean artists/groups (e.g., performance fees, accommodation, per diems). -The proposed project must start and end between January 2017 and January 2018.

2)         Eligible Projects

– A single festival or venue presenting Korean programs
Korean programs (1 or 2)

1. Featuring two or more Korean artists/groups
2. Featuring Korean group(s) in an opening or closing performance

It is strongly recommended that Korean programs be accompanied by additional program on Korean performing arts (e.g., a workshop, forum, press meeting, artist talk, or reception).

KAMS provides assistance to international presenters that are interested in organizing Korean programs but have insufficient information on Korean artists/groups. Please contact KAMS

Grant supports

-International airfair, Freight costs
Grant will be directly allocated to invited artists/companies of selected proposals

Submission period

Sep.1 – Nov. 30, 2016, Result will be announced on Jan. 2017

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