Haku uuden tanssin festivaalille Italiassa


International Festival of New Dance of Aosta, “TiDA Théâtre Danse” (Italy)

The festival will take place in the Cittadella dei Giovani, a place located in the centre of the little town of Aosta,  that is partner of the festival. The aim of this structure is to work with and for young people as one of the aims of the Festival is to link contemporary art practices with new generations.

The organisers invite every artist to stay during all the duration of the festival to participate to all the activities, meetings, conferences and to attend others’ performances. It is an opportunity to fight performative art consumerism, and to build a critical and active community.

The organisers ask to every participant artist the availability to conduct a masterclass for a mixed public (not only professional) on the day before their own performance, within the setting of the audience development.

The organisers also ask to every applicant artist the availability to participate to a meeting with the audience during the evening of their own performance and to the analysis and critics meeting the day after their own show.

The organisers will provide a per diem to every invited artist-technician, in addition to the requested fee, the travel expenses and to the masterclass remuneration.

Hospitality is one of the characteristic of this festival: artists are hosted by locals. This allows the festival organisation to save resources that they will invest to cover fees and helps to build a sincere link between locals, environment, festival and artists.

The focus of the project is the relationship between dance and technology, for the role that new technologies have in the every day life and in the artistic creation.

The organisers consider the concept of technology in the broadest sense: technologies of the scene, of course, but also communication technologies, technologies of the self, technology and political activism: technology in the true sense of ”discourse on art”.

Dance is as well considered in its broadest sense, as a body, physicality, movement.

Deadline: 31 January 2017

More information: http://www.tidaweb.net/it-it/Calendario/DettaglioNews/ArtMID/478/ArticleID/134/T-Danse-danse-et-technologie-Festival-Internazionale-della-Nuova-Danza-di-Aosta