i-Portunus supports the mobility of international artists and cultural professionals: Participate in Market Square events! 2–23 June


What is i-Portunus?

i-Portunus is a scheme funded by the European Commission that supports the mobility of artists, creators and cultural professionals, implemented by consortia of cultural organisations. It funds short-term mobilities for individuals to go abroad or for hosts to attract international talent.

i-Portunus’ main objective is to connect international artists, creators and cultural professionals and to support international collaborations among all countries participating in the Creative Europe Programme. It’s the “Erasmus” of the culture world.

i-Portunus Market Square events

The i-Portunus Market Square events are online weekly info- and matching sessions for hosts, artists and cultural professionals to identify, form, and prepare new teams for successfully co-designing and submitting a joint proposal. The i-Portunus Market Square are peer-moderated meetings to connect participants through conversations on changing topics and through project ideas.

i-Portunus Market Square events will be held:
Wednesday 02.06 | 09.06 | 16.06 | 23.06
14:00 – 17:00 CEST
If you are interested in participating in one of i-Portunus Market Square events please register here (registration open until 22 June).

The events will be held in English without translation. Participation is free of charge. Attendance at an info session or i-Portunus Market Square events is not mandatory when applying for the i-Portunus Houses scheme. To participate in the session it is necessary to register prior to the event.

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