ImpulsTanz: New education and training programmes for 2021!


For ImpulsTanz 2021 in Vienna, education and training programmes danceWEB (mentors: Anne Juren and Frédéric Gies) and ATLAS – create your dance trails (coach: Guy Cools) will be continued and a DanceAbility Teacher Training will be offered for the eighth time under the direction of Alito Alessi.

New at ImPulsTanz are a training course as Embodied Myoreflex Therapy Practitioner by Dr. Kurt Mosetter and Dr. Kerstin Kussmaul as well as the programmes ImPacT and Team up!, which are aimed specifically at groups.

ATLAS – create your dance trails <<
ATLAS – create your dance trails is a choreographic training programme founded in 2014 that allows artists to spend a month engaging in contemporary dance. ATLAS offers amongst others a diverse workshop programme, an individual coaching and a platform to develop and present works during the festival. Application deadline 15. March 12:00 (CET)

danceWEB <<
Every year since 1996, the danceWEB programme has provided dancers and young choreographers with a five-week platform for further education and exchange in the context of ImPulsTanz – with workshops, research projects and performances. In addition, the participants will be accompanied by Artistic Mentors. Application deadline 15. March 12:00 (CET)

DanceAbility Teacher Certification <<
The DanceAbility Teacher Training is a four-week course addressing people who want to teach integrative groups in the art of movement and who want to learn about a model for integrative communities. The training is held by Alito Alessi, founder and executive director of DanceAbility. Open registration until 15. May (registration form)

Embodied Myoreflex Therapy Practitioner (EMP) Certification <<
EMP is a further education for dance and movement professionals, teachers and artistic, therapeutic or social workers, who are looking for an efficient therapeutic and pedagogical movement practice. The programme, which is based on two modules and is led by Dr. Kurt Mosetter and Dr. Kerstin Kussmaul, combines Myoreflex Therapy with somatic and dance workshops offered by ImPulsTanz. Register by sending your CV and a short letter of motivation to Registration deadline: 5. April 

ImPacT <<
The two-week programme ImPact is specifically designed for students (and those, who have graduated recently). It brings the participants in contact with a great variety of aesthetics in teaching, performing and other related fields. They will get to know the dance industry, start to create networks and think about the impact of possible career choices with the aim to start a self-reflective process on what to do with their dance life. Therefore, ImPulsTanz provides a nurturing space for discussion, networking through close involvement with peers and a mentor. The programme also offers events with festival choreographers, teachers and organisers. To apply, please send the completed application form, a CV and a portrait photo via e-mail to

Team up! <<
ImPulsTanz offers a one-week training camp Team up!. It is especially aimed at groups of eight or more people, who want to deepen their training, improve their technique and gain new input. Individual training schedules are tailored to the needs of the participants and performance visits provide creative impulses. Contact

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