(In)pulse – Aggression as a source of the movement. Somatic movement workshop 15.5.


In this online live workshop we will work with the sense of aggressiveness as a source to move. We will research how and where in the body this force is born and how it can affect our moving experience, What kind of gestures are manifested from there? How can we use this energy for dancing? We will work through somatic approach, sensing, moving, then leading to verbal and physical associations. Our aggressivity connects with our organs and the animalistic aspect of us reminds we are made of bones, flesh and teeth.

When: 15th of May,  Saturday, 14:00 – 16:00 (Finnish Time). Duration 2 hours.

Who can participate: anyone interested into get in touch with themselves trough somatics and movement.

The workshop is held online; you will receive a zoom link after the registration.

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The participation is free of charge.

The workshop is lead by:

Anna Shchekleina is an independent Russian dance artist one of the establisher of the contemporary dance project Zonk’a. With Zonka Anna has created over 20 dance performances which have been shown at many major festivals in Russia, USA, France, Finland, Israel and Taiwan. Their choreograhphies My Love/My Life and Essence were both nominated for the most prestigious National Theater Award ”Golden Mask”. In 2020 Anna was awarded  with ”Golden Mask” as a choreographer of the piece ”Lilith”, created for the dance project ”Solyanka”.

Lindon Shimizu, a japanese brazilian born in Porto Alegre, Brazil and raised in Japan, currently based in Joensuu, Finland. He works as a dance artist in theatre, dance and video field and as somatic movement educator. He holds a theatre license degree from UERGS, Brazil. He has worked for many years with the Brazilian dance director Dani Lima, being part of research projects with dance pieces as “100 gesture” and “little collection of everything” presented around Brazil and Japan between 2011 to 2016. Currently, he is creating his own solo performance in collaboration with the dance artist Dasha Lavrennikov supported by Zodiak and directing the dancer Tuija Lappalainen in Birongitai (ビロンギタイ) project in collaboration with ITAK. He is interested in the dialogue of an ethical-aesthetical-political-body as a strategy of being and creating, playing between liquids and membrane, contents and container, creating in between. He is interested in what he refers to as a “migratory body”, a perspective of creating from the place of an immigrant artist.

This workshop is a result of an online residency project organised together by Dance Info Finland’s Finnish-Russian Dance exchange programme and ITAK.