Int. Guest Performance and Coproduction Fund for Dance (Germany), application dl 15.4.


Reminder: International Guest Performance Fund for Dance & Coproduction Fund for Dance
Application deadline 2nd round: April 15, 2019

The International Guest Performance Fund for Dance aims to foster the exchange between German artists and international organizers, create incentives for a stronger rotation of existing and new productions, and strengthen the international presence of German dance professionals. It is directed at organisers abroad who would like to invite a dance production created in Germany.

The NPN subsidizes 50% of the production costs in proportion to the fee paid by the inviting organizer on the basis of the NPN minimum fee limits. Depending on the country group of the organizer, additional guest performance costs are subsidized. Applicant must be the company/artist based in Germany.

The Coproduction Fund for Dance promotes the creation of new dance productions. The origin of the artists is not decisive, but the production must be realized in Germany. The participation of a foreign partner as coproducer increases the chances of receiving funding, but is not absolutely mandatory. The eligible applicants are organizers, individual artists and companies. The applicant must be an executive producer. In addition, at least one of the production partners based in Germany must be a producer/organizer.

There is no reference value for the budget of a coproduction. Practice shows that the total costs of the productions can vary significantly. Funding is usually provided within the framework of 10,000 to 50,000 EUR, but up to a maximum of 50% of the total costs.

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