Japanilaisen Saison Foundationin hakuja taiteilijoille ja organisaatioille


Saison Air Partnership: Saison Fondation hakee kumppaneita residenssivaihtoon

”This program aims to develop exchange residency programs with international partners, such as such as theaters, dance houses, festivals, artist-in-residence organizations, theater companies, dance companies, and grant-making organizations. The international partners are expected to invite Japanese artists to their residency program and to send artists to the Saison Foundation’s residency program.”

AIR for Collaboration projects: residenssi japanilaisten ja ulkomaisten taiteilijoiden yhteisiin projektikehittelyihin

”This program offers artistic development opportunities for collaboration projects between Japanese artists and overseas artists through artist-in-residence programs. Those who wish to start the collaboration projects with contemporary theater and dance communities in Japan are able to use Morishita Studio for rehearsals, workshops, or work-in-progress showings upon requests. Please obtain consent from Japanese collaborating artists before applying for this program.”

International Project Support program: tukiohjelma japanilaisten ja ulkomaisten taiteilijoiden yhteistuotantoihin

”This program offers grants and/or priority use of space at Morishita Studio in Tokyo (studios and guest rooms) for international theater and dance collaboration projects with not-for-profit contemporary Japanese performing artists and/or companies, including creative workshops and rehearsals held during the working process. Priority will be given to projects that will advance through continuous working processes, based on sufficient mutual understanding between artistic partners.”

Lisätietoja: http://www.saison.or.jp/english/application/index.html

Hakemukset viimeistään 5.10.2017.