Kinono: Open Call for ‘Four (Plus One) Elements’ Residency (Greece)


After four years of continuous presence on the island of Tinos, ΚΟΙΝΩΝΩ Tinos Art Gathering invites participants from all disciplines in the arts and sciences to apply to the thematic series ‘Four (plus one) elements’, which will be implemented through four distinct 15-day residency programmes (fire, water, air, earth) until the fall of 2020 on the island of Tinos.

With reference to the diverse cultural and natural landscape of Tinos, the ‘Four (plus one) elements’ thematic series adds the element of time to earth, water, air and fire, referencing both the alternation of the seasons and human intervention on the natural landscape.

Residency dates:
Fire: 18-31 January 2020
Water: 18-30 April 2020
Air: 18-31 August 2020
Earth: 18-31 October 2020
The works created by the residencies of each element will be presented in January, April, August and October 2020, respectively, throughout the totality of the natural and cultural landscape of the island. Priority will be given to collaboration between participants and/or the involvement of local organisations and communities.

Participants are offered:
Transport costs for a limited number of participants (in and out of the EU).
Transport to the island of Tinos and all residency sites.
Accommodation (rooms and hostels).
Common lunches/dinners, food supplies.
Partial production and material costs.

Water: 22 February 2020
Air: 15 June 2020
Earth: 15 August 2020

More information: