Koreografi: Hae nyt Aerowaves-verkoston vuoden 2022 ohjelmiston taiteilijaksi – haku auki 15.9. asti!


Aerowaves hakee kiertueverkostoonsa uusia Euroopassa toimivia koreografeja ja heidän teoksiaan.

Huom! Voit hakea teoksella joka on tehty vuonna 2020 tai 2021 – vanhempia teoksia ei hyväksytä.

Haku aukeaa 15.6. ja sulkeutuu 15.9.2021 klo 17.00 (CET, huom. aikavyöhyke).

Why Apply to Aerowaves?

Reach a network
Everyone who applies to Aerowaves has the chance to have their work programmed by the partners of the network, whether or not they are selected as Aerowaves artists. Around 100 performance opportunities are guaranteed by the partners and supported by Aerowaves each year.

Exposure for your work
Should you be selected as one of the Aerowaves Twenty, your work will be promoted by Aerowaves via its website for one year by an artist profile, with images, video and press coverage all in one place.

Promotional Opportunities
As one of the Aerowaves Twenty, you will be able to announce your forthcoming performances in the Aerowaves calendar and we will share this through our networks and social media.

Spring Forward
You may be selected to perform your work at our Spring Forward Festival.

If at first…
If you are not selected in one year, it is worth applying again (with a different work) in subsequent years. This can help to build recognition and understanding for your work, especially if you are a very new choreographer.

Application process

1 Prepare your video
The video should be a fairly simple record of a public performance of the work from beginning to end and no longer than 40 minutes.

2 Find your Aerowaves representative
Let your national Aerowaves representative know that you are applying and invite them to see your performance live.

3 Applications close on 15 September at 5 pm
Read the eligibility criteria thoroughly. If you have any further doubts, please contact us: info@aerowaves.org

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