L’AiR Arts: Multidisciplinary Residency for Artists and Cultural Professionals (France)


L’AiR Arts, is a not-for-profit organization, with a mission to support intercultural and artistic exchange through international artist residencies. Its programs bring together artists, researchers, arts professionals and patrons from different nationalities and backgrounds with the aim to foster creativity and artistic practice, while promoting diversity, inclusion and international understanding through artistic and cultural heritage.

Its curated residency program offers a stimulating experience of intercultural exchange, research and professional development. The residency is designed to enable participants to evaluate their individual practice and situate their artistic exploration within both the historical and contemporary context of art production and presentation in Paris.

Titled ”Revisiting the Roaring Twenties 1920 / 2020: Art, Culture and the Ecole de Paris”, the residency in January 2020 will be dedicated to the centenary celebration of intercultural exchange through the arts. The program will offer a series of open and inclusive cultural events – each built on the generosity of the Paris based artists and cultural professionals and the solidarity of international arts community. Artists and cultural professionals working in all art disciplines, including but not limited to visual arts, music, dance, theatre and literature can apply.

Limited funding for the mobility of artists and cultural professionals, especially in non-Western countries, is the main challenge to international cultural exchange.
L’AiR Arts provides financial assistance to selected artists based in less economically developed countries (listed in the OECD’s DAC list). Scholarship amounts range from partial support to fully covering the residency cost, travel expenses, and may include an additional research stipend.

Deadline: 15 September 2019


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