Location X: OPEN CALL for 2 weeks residency period in Denmark


DANCE ALL YEAR LONG is new project from LOCATION X – introducing 24 different projects and professional contemporary dance artists to Odense, Denmark.

Taneli Törmä/LOCATION X is the project-leader and curator, and will select and connect each individual guest artist with the local collaboration partner. The 24 different local collaboration partners/ venues offers free work space for the artist and organize free work-in-progress presentation.

During a period of 12 months, from June 2018 until June 2019, DANCE ALL YEAR LONG will present 24 different performances in 24 different venues and for different audiences. Every second week throughout the whole year there will be a dance show or presentation taking place in Odense, showing the diversity of the dance and choreography of today.

OPEN CALL for professional dance artists from abroad or Danish artists originally from Odense.

DANCE ALL YEAR LONG offer you 2 week residency period. DANCE ALL YEAR LONG connect you with a local venue, who will give free workspace. DANCE ALL YEAR LONG gives you free accommodation and 10.000 DKK in support for production. YOU arrange a performance / presentation by the end of the working period, where you can share your work for the local community.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION. June 10th 2018 23:59 (Danish time)




Taneli Törmä

LOCATION X tanelitorma1@hotmail.com