Loikka Dance Film Festival: Future Screens of Dance Conference OPEN CALL for Papers and Presentations


Celebrating its’ 10th anniversary Loikka Dance Film Festival is organising an international dance film conference Future Screens of Dance in Helsinki, Finland.

Loikka announces an invitation to participate in the conference and an open call for papers and presentations.

The conference is interlocked with the festival and it encourages in artistic and scholarly exchange, debate and discussion in screen-dance and related disciplines including physical performance, dance, film, media/visual arts, virtual reality and sound.

The conference invites dance filmmakers, representatives, academics and spectators to examine the forms and approaches enabling diversity and vibrancy of the art form. We particularly welcome presentations that are discursive and interactive, including workshop-type formats, group/panel discussions, lecture-demonstrations, as well as paper presentation formats.

Papers and project presentations may include but are not limited to the following areas:
1.  Structures and strategies in dance film education.

  • Fostering the Conceptual and Practical: enabling interplay between dance, film, visual arts and sound.
  • Dance Film Polarities – Entertainment to Conceptualism: framing screendance’s multiplicity and enabling its’ diversity.
  • Practical tools for having an impact on social, political and economic issues.

2. Beyond the Existing / What Is VR Offering Us

  • Narratives With Emotional Impact: embracing the tools of immersion and intensified kinaesthetic sensations.
  • Embodied Virtuality: creating multi-sensory perceptions, kinaesthetic sensation and dynamic interplay between embodied agents enabled with virtual reality tools.
  • Virtual Reality and the Poetic: exploring narrative intransitivity, digression, non-linearity and diegesis-mimesis.
  • Towards the Active Agent: emerging choreographic orientations and relations to kinetic actions in new media forms specifically in virtual formats.
  • Countering Ocular-Centric Paradigms: embracing sound, interaction, kinetic, kinaesthetic and somatic experiences.

3.  Curatorial Skills, Distribution Methods and Fostering Production

  • Articulating Difference: dance film/screen-dance classification (genre, style, culture and medium).
  • Curatorial processes and the challenge of genre typology and defining the audience.
  • Investigating curatorial histories, methodologies and intuitions.
  • Balance and Exchange: situating choreography and performance within (and in contrast to) film-production cultures and conventions.

4. Investigating Screen-Dance’s and Related Disciplines’ Relation to the Modern Society

  • Picking Your Fight: investigating social, economical, gender and/or political underpins in dance film.
  • Sharing the Tools: exploring the tools and best practices in advancing the art form: screen-dance/dance film/virtual art/virtual film/embodied experiences

Proposals for presentations/papers should be emailed in .pdf/.doc/.docx/ format only to:  conference@loikka.fi

Deadline: Friday  1. December 2017.

For questions and suggestions regarding presentation topics, please contact: conference@loikka.fi.

Proposals should be no more than 300 words and must include:
•    The title of your presentation
•    A maximum 300-word abstract (including brief description of the questions, concepts and   topics you wish to explore and how)
•    Preferred presentation format/approach
•    A short biography
•    Website links supporting proposal, where appropriate
Proposals from practitioners and scholars should be for maximum 30-minute presentations. Experimental and/or group formats of presentation are welcome.
The curatorial process of the conference is ongoing. Regarding the submissions, we will be invividually in touch as soon as possible.

Language of the confrence is English.