MAREBOX: Call for Residency and Exhibition, ‘Water Weighs: Tracing Underwater Memory, the Sea’s Life and its Corporality’ (Italy)


The Creative Europe project MAREBOX has issued a call for artists and interdisciplinary teams for ‘Water Weighs: Tracing underwater memory, the sea’s life and its corporality’.

The key objective of MAREBOX is to develop cultural, artistic, innovative and audience-centred experiences on the topic of underwater culture, through the bridging of culture and audiovisual content.

The call is open for multidisciplinary teams or individuals whose work and research is concerned with the possibility of exploring the memory of the sea and the flux of its layered and complex underwater life, and in engaging with listening to echoes from the sea.

The artists are expected to provide creative ideas that can be worked on through a multidisciplinary residency programme. Artwork created by the applicants will be displayed in exhibition spaces in Greece, Italy and Germany. The final exhibition will be curated by the project partner SAVVY Contemporary.

The Residency Programme will take place after the selection of teams. The selected teams (preferably of 3 people each) or persons will be invited for a two-week-long residency in Calabria, Italy around the end of May 2021, organized by 3DResearch and supported by the University of Calabria. Every resident will be hosted in the studios with accommodation provided by the Municipality of Cosenza or the University of Calabria.

Travel costs to the residency, accommodation and food are covered by the project. The residency programme will cover the artist’s production costs (fully or partially) and will provide a living/working space.

Creative project proposals from artists and professionals as collaborative teams of all backgrounds involved in arts, science, cultural and technology fields, are welcome. This is a creative cooperation among artists, archaeologists, biologists, 3D and VR specialists, video makers, visual designers, scientists, historians, activists, coders, policymakers etc. All participants must be EU residents or come from any of the associated countries. Fluency in English is also necessary.

Deadline: 31 January 2021

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