Muistutus: Mentorship in the arts seminar 3.9.2019 | Espoo


Mentoring in the arts will be discussed from two perspectives.

Mentoring is a sustainable way of sharing knowledge, experience and resources. A mentor can help the mentee to broaden their horizons and understand the overall strategic direction of their own professional career or artistic path, or the goals of their organisation. What are the benefits and possibilities of mentoring in the Nordic arts field? What type of mentorship is needed? How is mentorship in the arts different from mentorship in other fields?

Hanaholmen, Espoo 3.9.2019 09:30 – 12:00

Mentoring in the arts will be discussed from two perspectives:

Mentoring for Artists
Mentoring for Arts Managers and Producers

Presented by SITE Sweden, Arts Management Helsinki, Performing Arts Hub Norway, Dansehallerne, Dance Atelier.

The seminar is supported by Svenska Kulturfonden, the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Foundation, the Finnish-Danish Cultural Foundation, and the Icelandic-Finnish Cultural Foundation.

More information: Project Manager Jaana Tamminen, jaana.tamminen(at)

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