Muistutus: Action/Notice -workshop with Theo Clinkard 17.12.


Joulukuussa Suomeen saapuu upea brittiläinen koreografi Theo Clinkard, joka tulee työskentelemään kahden suomalaisen tanssijan kanssa. Samalla hän pitää ainutlaatuisen 5-tuntisen työpajan Tampereella esittävän taiteen ammattilaisille ja sitä opiskeleville. Varmista paikkasi ajoissa!

Sunnuntaina 17.12.2017 kello 12-17
PAIKKA: Tampereen Konservatorio, Pyynikin Trikoo, Pyhäranta 7 A, Tampere

50 € TREenit! ry;n jäsenet
55€ PTK:n, Teme:n, JOTODO:n, Tampereen Freelancenäyttelijöiden jäsenet
60€ muut
HUOM! Esittävän taiteen opiskelijat puoleen hintaan 25€

Ilmoittautumiset 1.12. mennessä osoitteeseen
Kurssimaksu maksetaan ilmoittautumisen yhteydessä ja näin varmistat paikkasi työpajassa
TREenit! Ry:n tilille: FI15 3636 3010 793727
Viestikenttään: OMA NIMESI/ maksukategoria/ Theo Clinkard

Choreographer and stage designer, Theo Clinkard, will lead a one day workshop that draws upon his his body of choreographic work and gives an insight into the various creative processes that have brought these works to life. Theo’s practice centres around the communicative potential of the body and the empathetic nature of dance in performance. He regularly creates work for his company of twelve dancers and has recently premiered commissioned dance works for ‘Tanztheatre Wuppertal Pina Bausch’ and ‘Danza Contemporanea de Cuba’.

The day will start with a 2 hour class that begins with simple exercises that aim to develop awareness and connection within the body, alongside perception games that explore participants relationship to each other and to the space they inhabit. Through a balance of improvised movement generation and learnt movement patterns his class is then devised to challenge dancers coordination and help them find greater clarity in articulation. He finishes up with phrase work that encourages playful, present and expansive dancing.

Following class, Theo will lead a 3 hour session where participants are invited to put into action, observe and discuss some of the ideas that lie at the heart of his current choreographic work.
Theo’s dance works avoid explicit narrative or biography, yet they always attempt to bring the ‘person’ doing the action to the fore. His workshops are geared around finding ways in which performers can practice being available to be seen through vividly experiencing and revealing the moment they are physically engaged in. Through dancing in pairs and in larger groups, he will use exploratory and creative tasks that engage touch and sight to encourage a heightened physical awareness and vivid presence in motion. These universal techniques and ideas are intended to enrich participants own practises whether they are performers, dance makers or teachers.

Clinkard is an Associate Artist at Brighton Dome, Dance4 and Greenwich Dance.

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