Muistutus: Jordi Rosin työpaja Helsingissä 8.-12.4.


Tanssille ry järjestää Barcelonassa asuvan Jordi Rosin ohjaaman viisipäiväisen työpajan  8.-12.4. klo 11.45-14. Työpaja pidetään Leipätehtaalla Helsingin tanssiopiston tiloissa (Kaikukatu 4 A, 00530 Helsinki, 5. krs). Hinta Tanssille ry:n, TREEnit! ry:n ja Turku Dansart ry:n jäsenille on 115 €, muille 165 €. Ilmoittautumiset osoitteeseen workshop(at)

”I propose a technical class to present my work material to the dancers, starting with a warm up to connect the body and the mind and then different very danced exercises. And we will finish every day exploring choreographic material.”

 Drawing elements of Release and Limon, Jordi’s class combines floor work with vertical work. The aim is to offer tools of individual and collective awareness, tools that invite participants to fuse the balance between our analytical thinking, our physical body and our emotional baggage through the proposed material that works on the fluidity of movement, dynamics, musicality, space and organicity, fostering an internal / external dialogue that can help nurture our journey as dancers / performers.