New Education for Contemporary Dance in Härnösands folkhögskolan


1 or 2 year program of training before the next step in dance.

Application deadline: May 25th.

Deadline for submitting application with link to video is February 1 (pre-screening). After the closing date, we have continuous acceptance if there are places left and audition has been arranged. Applications are then processed in the order they come in.

Applicants must be over 18 years old by the 3rd September 2018. The course is suitable for school leavers, students and dancers aiming to continue their professional development. Applicants must have experience in every day training previously, to be able to fulfill the classes both physically and mentally.

The education is in english.

Course objective

The program will give you the best possible conditions for continuing with your career in the dance field. Today’s choreographers want dancers who can be creative, who are personal in their design language and can improvise material to a choreography. In the program you also get help with contacts to higher education in and outside of Sweden.

Course content

Contemporary dance (6-9 h/week)
Graham (4-6 h)
Ballet (6-9 h)
Improvisation (1,5 h)
Contact improvisation (1,5 h)
Improjam (1,5 h)
Composition (1,5 h)
African dance (1,5 h)
STOMP (0,5 h)

Producing with guest choreographers

Theme blocks (18 h total): Yoga, Jazz, Partner work, Acrobatics, Gaga, Theater, Voice Coaching

Physical training: Injury prevention (Pain Free, Safe Floor, Stretch), Strength Training (Horton technique, Cunningham technique), Cardio, Tai Chi.

Theoretical topics: Vaganova terminology, Dance history, Training science, Goal book work, Conception of life

Common arrangements at school (theme days)

Collaboration with Norrdans


The Teachers’ Team consists of Danielle Dietz (Teacher), Ian Butler (Graham teacher, Contemporary, Contact Provision, Choreographer and Reporter) and Sandra Sandberg (Exercise, Strength Training and Exercise Training). We have several guest teachers, including different dance teachers who visit Norrdans.

Dance program

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