Online-tapahtuma: Reframing Japanese Narratives for the UK Stage, 17.6.


Japanilaisesta kulttuurista lainaaminen näyttämöteokseen – mitä se on parhaimmillaan, ja toisaalta mitä haasteita toisesta kulttuurista, sen kielestä tai taidemuodosta lainaamiseen liittyy?

In recent years there has been a noticeable trend in new UK productions made for the stage to be sourcing their ground material not only from Japanese plays but also through adapting other forms of Japanese media, such as anime, literature, or film. Be it a direct adaptation or simply taking inspiration, the communication of the culture which the original is steeped in is not entirely removed from the creation process. The culmination of such adaptations results in distinct visions of Japanese culture reframed to suit the message of their creators and lend relatability to their native audiences.

In celebration of After Life, adapted for the stage from Hirokazu Kore-eda’s feature film and to be presented at the National Theatre between 2 June and 24 July 2021, we invited a group of UK theatre professionals – who have looked towards Japan for source materials in their respective productions – to join an informal roundtable talk aimed at exploring the significance of looking at other languages and art forms in conceptualising new works, and any challenges that may be faced in doing so.

This online event is free to attend but places are limited and registration is essential.

More information about the panellists and reservations here.