Open call – Baal Recerca Artistic residencies (Spain)


BAAL RECERCA is intended for scenic art’s research. BAAL offers this artistic residencies to develop either research and reflecting projects (that may be unbound to any production) or projects aimed at producing a life arts performance.

For every project a customized pack will be planned
There is the possibility of arranging external expert support.

Discipline: Live arts, hybrid languages, new dramaturgies.
Duration: One week to one month

Rehearsal room 60m2. Floating wood floor. Apartment for up to 3 people.

Together with the residency you can apply for:
•Support in project management
•Support for creation

Open to artists from around the globe.


Development of projects for reflecting / planning and/or researching (linked or not to a production), or production projects.
For every project a customized pack will be planned.Every year we will try to host three projects linked to infantile audiences.

The call will remain open indefinitely

More information: