Open Call for ALTOFEST 2020 (Italy)


Taking place in Napoli, Italy, Altofest sees international artists and citizens living together for two weeks. Artists are housed by local citizens and engage in a process of ‘translating’ an existing work to their host’s home spaces. In Altofest the intimate dimension of the home is fused with the aesthetics and poetics of all artworks and artistic processes.

The next edition of the festival will take place 24 June – 5 July 2020, and is seeking proposals from artists of any age or nationality working in the live arts (theatre, dance, performance, experimental and interdisciplinary formats). Artists should apply with one or more original works that have already been completed and performed in front of an audience in a formal setting. Projects that are still a work in progress, or that have not been shown, are not eligible.

Artists will be invited to requalify their work during a 7 day residency, after which their performance will be scheduled in the programme of Altofest for 5 days of public performances. The presence of the artist is required for the entire 12 day period of Altofest.

The spaces in which Altofest will take place might vary according to nature and dimension. They might be indoor or outdoor spaces, but all of them belong to the citizens participating in Altofest, whether they live there or take care of them.

Altofest provides artists with:

A project budget of €800 as a gross lump-sum.
One daily meal voucher to be spent for lunch in the Cucina Sociale (social kitchen) during Altofest.
Free accommodation in one of the private spaces belonging to ‘space donor’ citizens, or a member of the Accommodation Network composed of citizens, friends and supporters.
One weekly pass per person for the public transport of Naples.
Promotional support.
Altofest does not directly cover travel costs but makes agreements with several Embassies and international cultural institutions that support artists’ mobility (Altofest has a 95% success rate for mobility support with countries with which it already has an agreement).

Deadline: 29 February 2020

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