Recidency for Dance Makers at Lavanderia a Vapore (Italy)


Duration: min. 15 days
Paid by host: 3500 euros for 15 days residency, max 4 people, 65 euros per day/person will cover per diem and hostel
Paid by artist: Travel expenses and local transportation.

Deadline: 23/12/2018

Lavanderia a Vapore is a centre focusing on the creative process, the space and time necessary for artists to research, experiment, and interact in a secure environment. Lavanderia a Vapore achieved a number of important results in its first two years of activity: 16 creative residencies (both national and international) followed by public showcase and interaction with artists, professionals, journalists and informed audiences involving 80 talents for a total of 240 days of residence and 40 shows.

Lavanderia doesn’t have a fixed expectation from the artists, since it is expected Lavanderia to be a freedom space where artists can work, experiment, meet other artists, professionals and communities.

Accommodation Information
Mini appartments (2-3 people) with kitchenette, in Torino city. You’ll need to travel for 20 mins to get to Lavanderia a Vapore by Metro 1.

Studio Information
2 Studios: 12 x 14 m and 12 x 7 m, Harlequin floor
2 Studios: 12 x 7 m and 12 x 14 m, wooden floor and black dance carpet, with sound system

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