Open call for Kinitiras recidencies 2019 (Athens)


Kinitiras, member of Res Artis*, is the first Residency Centre for performing arts in the city of Athens and it is located in the historical area of Acropolis. Offering small scale residencies for artists and theorists from all over the world, we encourage research, development and presentation of works in progress.

This year’s thematic umbrella for all Kinitiras’ actions is the idea of THE JOURNEY.

Where: Kinitiras, Athens, Greece
When: 24/2/2019-3/3/2019, 29/4/2019-6/5/2019

Deadline for applications: 15/11/2018

The journey literally and metaphorically. The Journey in life, space, time, body, mind, dreams, literature, streets, civilizations… The suggested works should be connected with a specific approach and need to speak about one of the million journeys that humans live in their lives.

Apply now until 15/11/2018 (for residencies during one of the following periods: 24/2/2019-3/3/2019, 29/4/2019-6/5/2019).

Costs for participants: 30 euros

Contact details:
Kinitiras Chorotheama
Erechtheiou 22, 11742 Athens, Greece
+30 210-9248328

For further information about the residency and how to apply, please visit


Kinitiras is an internationally recognized artistic network connecting professionals and amateurs through the performing arts. It was founded in 1995-96 as a dance-theatre group, called Kinitiras Dance spectacle.