Open call Scene Bluss –The Hellmouth edition (Porsgrunn, Norway)


Scene:Bluss– The Hellmouth Edition is a two-week long residency that will end in an immersive, durational performance. The project is based on the TV-series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The small town Porsgrunn will become Sunnydale. We will be the Scooby-gang, the demons, the helpers and the betrayers in producing a total art piece. The Bronze and the unknown that will devour from beneath.

Alongside director (Marie Nikazm Bakken), leading costume designer (Fredrik Floen) and leading sound designer (Patsy Lassbo), we will select 12 participants.

We invite dancers, actors, costume designers, light designers/engineers, sound designers/technicians, set designers, choreographers, playwrights, cooks, mask makers or carpenters; Anyone who feels to our call. You can fill one or several roles.

There are 12 open residency slots.

Where: Kunsthall Grenland, Porsgrunn, Norway

When: 4th to 17th of June

Deadline for applications: March 15th

Practical Information.

The residency takes place from the 4th to 17th of June at Kunsthall Grenland in Porsgrunn, Norway.

The residency will support:
– Travel
– Simple accommodation
– Free food during the daytime
– Artist Card, that provides 50% of all performances during PIT

To apply, please send us your CV and a text or video that explains why you want to participate

Scene:Bluss is part of PIT, Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival, It has existed for 18 years and has always been an experimental platform to show and talk about work. It’s the festival within the festival. A place to test out and share ideas.

Additional info about us and the project:

This residency is an occasion for you to reflect on your performance fantasies through the lense of a collective project framed by a theme and a group of organizers. We want to think together by working together and work together by thinking together.

We, Alexandra, Marie, Patsy, Marie and Fredrik are keen on producing an over the top, immersive art experience.

This summer we invite you to step into the Buffyverse. We will make a durational performance based on what serialised narration entails, based on what the episode format can offer. We will build weapons, throw curses, incarnate demons, make a musical, a silent movie and die repeatedly.

Scene:Bluss – The Hellmouth Edition is a project that aims at saying yes to more than what is graspable and to have fun while working hard. Our aim is to bring this project towards something potentially unpredictable, epic, larger than life. Something literally un-tourable.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!
You can reach us at;

Links and bios:

Alexandra Tveit and Marie Ursin, both have their education from DOCH, Dance and Cirkus University in Stockholm, and have since graduating in 2013 been working as performers, they have been developing their own practices, and for the last 5 years, they have been the artistic directors of Scene:Bluss.

They have built Scene:Bluss for a diverse crowd. It is grounded in the landscape of Porsgrunn, Norway. Its public and artists are called for a direct participation in the festival, from making fake blood collectively to performing a musical together, using the local gymnastics team, a horse and the local bakery shop.
The festival is a platform to generate immersive, experimental and collective projects. It has lasted for 4 hours. It has lasted for 4 days. In its latest edition The Legacy – the ghost to come it lasted for 25 hours non-stop.

In their engagement in Scene:Bluss they are busy questioning rules of production, residency and labor while insisting upon being a place for all kinds of scenic art.

Fredrik Floen is a designer with specialization in costume, fascination for the theatrical, highly practical and a good dash of maximalism. A love for fashion, illustration and theatricality. I graduated from Oslo Academy of the Arts spring 2017, with an MA in Fashion and costume design.

Marie Nikazm Bakken is working with theatre directing under the mantraes shameless, irrelevant, pathosfilled, non-uptodate and inefficent theatre! She has her education from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (director programme) alongside theatre science and choreography studies.

Patrik Patsy Lassbo is working as a composer, sound and lights designer and musician in the field of performing arts. They graduated from the Sound design for performing arts BFA programme at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2017 and is now working with theatre and dance performances, mainly in Sweden and Norway. During the recent years Patsy has been working on A map to get lost at Backa teater and StDH (2017), Forever together with Ofelia Jarl Ortega at MDT (2016), Göra sig av med Eddy at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Skärholmen (2017) and Ghost to come at Scene:Bluss (2016) and more. and

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