Open Call: Tandem Europe


Tandem Europe is a cross-border collaboration program that aims at social change through cultural innovation activities.

You and your initiative, organisation, institution or social enterprise can submit your expression of interest by 15 November 2018.

What is Tandem Europe?

For our new edition of Tandem Europe, we look for applicants who work across a variety of urban or rural areas and local contexts all over Europe.

Future Tandem Europe participants typically manage smaller or larger cultural organisations (non-profit or public funded), work for culturally engaged local administrations or run socially orientated creative enterprises.

Our participants share a strong enthusiasm for creative discovery and innovation across European borders, societies, cultures, sectors and artistic disciplines. They embrace the joy of making new things happen together by engaging in unusual transnational encounters.

With Tandem, you join a growing community of cultural innovators and social change makers, who are deeply engaged in maintaining and reshaping a common European future.

Is Tandem for me?

Do you as an individual, organisation, local administration or creative enterprise engage in innovative cultural work or community based activities that tackle social challenges? – Then we encourage you to apply!

For the upcoming round of Tandem Europe, we aim to convene passionate pioneers and their groundbreaking initiatives from different social sectors. We look for participants, whose creative work addresses burning contemporary issues in our European societies – especially from those urban and rural communities that often have to tackle their local challenges outside mainstream public attention.

As Tandem Europe participant you should be very motivated to explore unconventional ways of working together with a European partner from abroad and engage in an innovative cultural collaboration with someone who you don’t know yet. You should be strongly interested in designing new formats and ideas for cultural-social work that engages European citizens in re-shaping their current and future realities.

Eligible to apply are:

Non-profit organisations, public institutions, civil society initiatives, innovative local administrations as well as creative or social enterprises that are engaged with cultural activities in their societies AND are based in one of the Council of Europe member states (plus Belarus & Kosovo)

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