Opera Beyond -webinaari: XR enhanced next-generation digital workflows for performing arts, 30.9.


Opera Beyond -webinaari 30. syyskuuta: XR enhanced next-generation digital workflows for performing arts. Ilmoittautuminen ja lisätiedot tästä.

Opera Beyond Jam Sessions are a series of interactive online events, in which we exchange thoughts and share best practices that we’ve learned from having found ourselves at the crossroads of performing arts and new digital technology.

The curated program includes inspirational master classes from visiting speakers, concrete case studies from various organizations and open discussion between all participants. Participation is free of charge.

The third edition of the Opera Beyond Jam Sessions takes place on Thursday, September 30th, at 15:00-17:00 CET (or 16:00-18:00 Finnish time) on Teams.

The third edition will focus on XR enhanced next-generation digital workflows for performing arts.

The program includes:

MASTER CLASS from Joris Weijdom, researcher and designer of mixed-reality (MR) experiences focusing on interdisciplinary creative processes and performativity.

“Current technologies increasingly enable design collaborations in mixed reality environments. These mixes of real and virtual spaces can be collectively experienced in real-time through full-body engagement. This live embodied participation affords design teams and possibly directors and performers to explore and adapt expanded scenographies in an early stage of the creative process. In this presentation, Joris Weijdom presents these technologies in relation to collaborative design processes through examples from the performing arts and beyond. Opening up perspectives to discuss opportunities and challenges using mixed reality technologies creating theatrical and performative experiences.”

CASE STUDY of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet’s XR Stage Design Platform.

“The FNOB will present one of its current key WIP projects that aims to bring digital workflows to next level. XR Stage Design Platform is a virtual tool created to enhance the efficiency and possibilities of remote and preparatory work in production planning for theatre and event industries.

The tool enables artistic and technical teams to work together on a virtual stage, which is identical in measurements and in technical features to the actual space, in which the production will be performed. The tool’s users can meet each other and work together on the platform irrespective of their real-life location, making international teams’ work more efficient, decreasing flying miles and preventing communication problems. The features include designing structures like set pieces, lighting and video design and in the future, possibly also bringing performers to the virtual stage.

The tool can be used with a VR headset, but also on a two-dimensional desktop or mobile device. Augmented reality and mixed reality applications will be developed as well. Building and running the platform on a game engine (Unreal) enables continuous development and improvements in co-operation with different partners, preventing the tool from becoming dated.”

INTERACTIVE FORUM – a free form discussion and exchange between participants.

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Questions? Please contact beyond@opera.fi