Performing HEL -katselmuksen kaikille avoimessa ohjelmassa seminaari ja bileet


LA 31.8. | Suvilahti, Helsinki

16.00-17.30 Open seminar for performing arts professionals | Tiivistämö, Suvilahti

FROM GATEKEEPING TO OPEN PLATFORMS? -curatorial practices in the landscape of performing arts 

Artistic directors, curators and presenters make a multitude of choices and decisions when they create programs for performing arts venues and festivals. These individuals affect who gets presented and in which context, and how the art form develops. They also respond to a number of ethical and economical questions when creating programs. These actions stem from different sets of values and strategies, and have an impact not only on artists’ careers, but also other global or local implications.

In this seminar we hear from international experts how they see their roles and responsibilities in today’s performing arts landscape. How do they form their relationships with different communities, audiences, environments, and the artists?

The talk is moderated by theatre director and curator Hilkka-Liisa Iivanainen and will be followed by an audience discussion.

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21.00-01.00 Party like it’s Performing HEL! | Suvilahti TBA

All performing arts professionals are welcome to the Performing HEL closing party on Saturday 31 August. Enjoy the atmosphere with good music, great people, drinks and dance. Behind the decks dj Toimi Tytti will make us go crazy on the dance floor. Free entrance.

In collaboration with Helsinki Festival and EU-funded project Artistic Doctorates in Europe: Third Cycle Provision in Dance and Performance (ADiE).

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