Personal as Political -symposium (Iceland)


Hosted by RDF

Open call for people from the Nordic, Baltic and Northwest Russian regions to attend a three day participant-led symposium on ‘the personal as political’ in Reykjavík, Iceland. The call is eligible for anyone aged 30 and under that perhaps writes a blog, makes podcasts, publishes articles, makes art, writes songs, tell stories, take selfies, or something else, where personal stories and experiences are drawn upon as the basis for politics and empowerment. We are open to applicants from all backgrounds and fields of activity.

We can provide a small grant of 500 euros per international participant to assist with travel and accommodation. The hope is that this three day platform will provide an enriching peer-to-peer learning environment where participants can share questions, knowledge and strategies.

Applicants should apply no later than 6th March with links to their work, and a letter of motivation (no more than one side of A4), including some indications on what they would like to share. The symposium will run from 21 – 23 of March 2019. We will begin in the afternoon of the 21st and run until 2pm on Saturday 23.

Please send applications to

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