Phase7 Performing.Arts Is Looking For Dancers Above 60 in Berlin


For a dance piece production phase7 performing.arts is looking for dancers above 60 who had to end their career and still want to return to the stage.

Where: phase7 studios, Hauptstraße 13, 10317 Berlin

In its new project “Transition 40” phase7 brings the performative potential of dancers above 40 on stage and collaborates with professional dancers, that have already given up their career due to their age.

The project

The dance project „Transition 40” focusses on the matured dancers and their performative potential. We aim to develop a dance piece that shows a multidimensional perspective on the dancer and his or her physical and mental development. Emotional and professional biography, physical memory, physical fitness and change, the love for dancing and performing on stage are the sources for the choreographies. The objective is an individual, emotional, yet funny and intimate confrontation, that will ask about the political dimension of aging in a society obsessed by youth. The transition of professional dancers becomes the starting point of a creative examination, while transition itself is considered a creative act that becomes the source of inspiration for a complex, emotional, explosive dance piece.

The premiere is planned for November 2018 in Berlin, rehearsals will take place in June/July and in November before the premiere. A tour will be planned for 2019. Currently we are working on forming the team and start bringing everybody together for a first exchange.


-A rich, versatile professional biography
-Joy in working biographically, examination of the own development of body and mind, creative exchange with other dancers, development of an own aesthetical form of dance
-Age above 60
-Berlin residence advantageous

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