Ranskalainen festivaali hakee teoksia aiheena ” The arts of stamina”


Second Souffle, new arts & sports festival (France) :  Call for projects ’The arts of stamina”

L’Entorse (Lille, France) and le Safran (Amiens, France) get closer, join forces and imagine together Second Souffle, a new arts & sports festival, to be launched in May 2018 in Lille and Amiens metropolitan areas and several cities in region Hauts-de-France.

Second Souffle thematic for spring 2018 is ”Arts of Stamina”. The organisers  are looking for relevant, amazing and charming proposals challenging this topic artistically, physically and politically possibly in every arts & sports fields.

Depending on the work, some costs can be covered (co-production cost – half of the global cost, touring support etc.)

Deadline: 31 January 2017

More information: http://entorse.org/APPEL-A%CC%80-PROJETS-ARTS-SPORTS-CALL-FOR-PROPOSALS?lang=en

Lähde: http://on-the-move.org