Riga / On annual contemporary dance intensive 1.-5.5. (Latvia)


Riga / On annual contemporary dance intensive, includes workshops in dance techniques, composition laboratories and theoretical lectures from existing European teachers from leading dance companies and dance educational centers.

Where: Riga, Latvia
When: May 1-5, 2020

Deadline for applications: April 25, 2020

– 5 days – continuous dance immersion, creative communication, atmosphere and inspiration
– 82 hours – a powerful stream of super-topical information on contemporary dance, matched specifically for your development
– 6 teachers – a combination of many years of experience, different views, approaches and techniques for studying contemporary dance
– 3 groups – kids class, open class, pro class
– Performative program from participants, teachers and organizers of the project.

John Simon Wiborn – Stockholm, Sweden
Manuel Ronda – Genoa, Italy
Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld – Brussels, Belgium
Dimitrijs Gaitjukevics – Riga, Latvia
Olga Zitluhina – Riga, Latvia
Elina Gaitjukevica – Riga, Latvia

Information will be useful to everyone who is interested in contemporary dance, development, the search for new forms, ideas, and solutions in contemporary dance:
Kids class – program for children 10-14 years
Open class – for everyone, from a beginner level of training
Pro class – for intermediate and advanced level of training

To register, follow the link: http://riga-on.com/en/registration

Costs for participants: From 300 euro | more details: https://riga-on.com/en/cost

Contact details:
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