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Koetanssi Oulussa la 17.9.
Audition / Room 2 Manoeuvre / 17.9.2016

Room 2 Manoeuvre is seeking 1 male dancer with strong B-Boy dance technique to perform as part of a quartet in the piece “Without A Hitch”, an international co-production between JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre, Room 2 Manoeuvre, Brunton Theatre (Edinburgh, UK) and Dance Base (Edinburgh, UK).

Applicants should be aware that this project has secured an initial co-production grant from JoJo. The company is now applying for a 2nd grant for the remaining project costs. The outcome of this application will be known in November 2017.

Deadline for application: 5pm, Friday 16th September 2016

Where: Oulu, Finland.

Applicant Criteria: Applicants must demonstrate a high technical ability of B-Boy vocabulary such as top rock, foot work, freezes and power moves (you should at least be able to do a continuous windmill). Hip hop/Street dancers with such skills are encouraged to apply. Basic acrobatic skills (round-off back flip, front/rear somersault) would be an advantage.

As well as this technical ability, applicants should have experience of contact and partnering work, using theatrical expression and working creatively by themselves and in a group. Applicants must possess a track record of working professionally for a minimum of 3 years in theatre or commercial environments.

This project will involve the use of text. Therefore, any applicant must have a good grasp of the English language and feel confident speaking on stage. Applicants must have an ability to learn material quickly and be prepared to invest some of their own personality into the work. There will be significant education activity associated with the tour. Applicants must demonstrate a track record in delivering classes/workshops in a range of contexts.

The work: Without a Hitch tells the story of the downward spiral of a four-man B-Boy crew, as they head towards an eventual break up. Gradually outgrowing each other, elements such as ambition, jealousy and frustration reach boiling point and relationships within the crew are put to the test. The work will be a balance between theatre and dance, reflecting both the psychology and dynamic physicality that exists in B-Boying. It is humorous, but with a dark twist. All applicants are encouraged to visit the company website and Vimeo page for more info – and

Rehearsal/Touring period:

• 1st phase: 13th March – 7th April 2017 in Edinburgh at The Brunton Theatre and Dance Base, Edinburgh, UK.
• 2nd phase: 10th – 26th April 2017 in Oulu, Finland.
• 27th April – 3rd May premiere and subsequent performances in Oulu.
• August 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe performances tbc.
• October/November 2017 UK tour with dates tbc.

Applicants must be free these dates.

Fees and expenses: £450.00 p/w for a total of a 13 wk contract. The equivalent sum will be paid in Euros. Travel, accommodation & per diems on tour are provided by the company. Applicants must have the right to work in the UK and are responsible for their own tax requirements.


Date: Saturday 17th September 2016
Time: 15.00 – 18.00
Location: CityPopUp dance studio of Citydance, Tyrnäväntie 16 D, Oulu.

As part of the audition invited applicants will be required to demonstrate their skills via a short freestyle or pre-prepared sequence.

To apply please email with a CV, headshot photo and links to any online footage of your dancing. Please mark your email “WAH Audition”. We look forward to hearing from you.