Saison Foundation: Online Research Residency Programme (Japan)


The Saison Foundation is a private grant-making foundation established by Seiji Tsutsumi in July 1987. The foundation supports projects and activities related to contemporary Japanese theatre and dance. In order to increase the visibility of contemporary Japanese performing arts on a worldwide level, The Saison Foundation awards grants and priority use of its rehearsal/workshop and residence facilities at Morishita Studio in Tokyo.

Their Online Research Residency Programme supports creative research for international dance/performance artists who are expected to play an important role in the international performing arts scene, aiming to build an international network for contemporary performing arts and to enhance mutual understanding. The programme offers artistic development opportunities to research and spend time building links with the other participating artists.

The programme is open to individual artists working in the field of contemporary dance and performance art, who are able to communicate in English; who are able to carry out creative research between 13 January – 24 March 2021; and who are able to attend all programmes including online group sessions and workshops (dates spread throughout the research period).

The Saison Foundation offers a 300,000 JPY grant (~2400 EUR) and will provide support and advice for the research.

Deadline: 10 December 2020

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