Samuli Emery is looking for physical performers for international video performance project. DL 21.8.


Samuli Emery is looking for 2-3 physical performers for the international video performance project Environmental Dance, initiated and commissioned by the Berlin-based dance maker Christoph Winkler.


The climate crisis and its associated social upheavals are preoccupying people in all parts of the world. The effects of man-made changes on the climate are drastically influencing life and coexistence on this planet. In order to stop the continued destruction of the environment, we need to shift from an anthropocentric view of the world to a way of dealing with nature that regards all forms of life as equal. Many place great hope in the powers of science and technology, but to achieve real sustainability in dealing with nature, technology alone will not be enough. The problems of the climate crisis can only be solved together and art can help.

We believe that dance as one of the most original forms of expression has the potential to support this search for answers, because many cultures around the world have a large repertoire of dances that express the relationship between humans and nature in many different ways. For example harvest dances, animal dances or rituals, such as those to call for rain, are often part of complex ceremonies based on the close observation of how nature shifts and changes, as well as an understanding of local ecosystems.

We would therefore like to ask ourselves: is it possible that practicing such dances makes us more attentive to the needs of nature? That dance can teach us to pay more attention to our environment? And what could forms of contemporary dance look like that deal in new ways with our relationship to nature in all its facets?

The interactive website combines knowledge of the earth’s climatic changes with traditional and contemporary dances from around the world that reflect human beings and their integration into nature. The aim of Environmental Dance is to make climate change tangible and visible on different levels, using dance, scientific data and personal testimonies from many countries around the world.

The website shows a globe. Clicking on a region takes you to numerous videos and interviews – and can also display scientific data on the effects of climate change. The dance that can be seen here is thus geographically located and placed in the context of a landscape and the artists working there. The dance videos are, on the one hand, documentations of traditional, local dances that mark the long heritage of dance worldwide in its engagement with nature. On the other hand, the website presents contemporary video dance from numerous regions of the world that finds very different ways of reflecting on the relationship between the environment and people. In addition, further climate-relevant data can be displayed on the globe, which was processed in cooperation with the Geographical Institute of the University of Bern.

The online archive can be found here:

More information about the project can be found here:

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For this collaboration Samuli Emery is searching for performers who are eager to contribute to a work that deals with dance as a way to exercise one’s relationship to nature and uses film as its visual medium.

The group of 3-4 people will create and film their contibution to this global project from a Finland-specific point of view. We will practise empathy, connection and re-integration with our natural surroundings on micro- and macrolevels through a sensory inquiry into the protected landscapes of Viikinlahti nature reserve. This will result in a short dance film that will be published and distributed on the Environmental Dance online platform and join the archive of dance films from around the world.


One 2 h Zoom-call together with the whole group between 8 – 15 September.

Live rehearsal and shooting Wednesday 28 September 13:30-21:30

Shooting Thursday 29 September 13:30-21:30

(18 hours in total)



Zoom online platform

Viikinlahden Luonnonsuojelualue

Herttoniemi, Helsinki, Finland



700,00 € (invoiced)



-Fully available on all working hours on both working days and the Zoom meeting beforehand.

-Based in Helsinki, staying in Helsinki 28 – 29 September 2022 or able to travel to Helsinki for the project (travel costs from outside Helsinki can’t unfortunately be covered)

-Good level of spoken English or Finnish

-Comfortable with partial and/or full nudity

-Comfortable with close contact with nature

-Comfortable working in challenging temperatures and potentially challenging weather conditions

-Not currently enrolled in a full-time dance education

-Has sent their complete application before or on Sunday 21th August 2022

This call is open to any performer who can meet these aforementioned requirements regardless of age, ethnicity, physical ability, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, social class or any other factor of this sort.

The aim is to gather a group of diverse performers with different qualities, expressions and identities in an attempt to make work opportunities in the contemporary dance field more accessible to marginalized individuals as well as to ensure sufficient representation of underrepresented groups in the historically disproportionately homogeneous Finnish contemporary dance scene.


To apply, send to with the subject heading ”Environmental Dance Open Call”, the following information:

1. Your name or artist name, email and phone number

2. A clear, recent face picture

3. A clear recent full body picture

4. Any other pictures of you that you find relevant (optional)

5. Some video footage that you feel represents some of your current interests as a bodily thinker. Your footage may include codified dance forms, somatic work, free movement, or a bodily relating to a space or objects, as long as it’s something you find relevant for your artistic work at this time. You are free to send more than one video but the maximum duration of the total video material sent by one applicant should not exceed four (4) minutes.

6. A short, informal written or spoken description in either English or Finnish, outlining some of your interests in the relationships of dance, natural environments and film.

You can use the following questions to guide you: What ideas and images do you have regarding this work? How would you creatively approach this work? In which ways might you find this work relevant?

In written form send your compact text of 1-6 sentences in the email body or as an attachment and in spoken form attach the audio or video file to your email and make sure the duration does not exceed one (1) minute.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: Sunday 21th August 2022

Send your application to

All applicants will be contacted by Tuesday 6th September at the very latest about the selections.