Siobhan Davies Dance (UK): Open call for residency and performance opportunities


Siobhan Davies Dance is inviting expressions of interest from independent dance artists and choreographers for opportunities to be in residence and to present work at Siobhan Davies Studios.

Following a successful launch in 2017, Siobhan Davies Dance is continuing with its Open Choreography programme. The organisers are inviting applications from dance artists and choreographers to participate in their Open Choreography Residencies and Open Choreography Performances.

Both programmes aim to offer artists a chance to develop and share their work in the unique environment of Siobhan Davies Studios, with access to the organisation’s resources and expertise. In line with its mission, they open up the choreographic process to audiences and facilitate choreography in an expanded sense. Artists are invited to apply for one or both opportunities.

For both opportunities, the organisers are looking for artists who:

-Have an established practice as an independent dance artist / choreographer
-Work in an investigative manner, structuring their making process as a process of questioning and research
-Engage with other disciplines
-Are enthusiastic to meaningfully engage peers and the broader public in their choreographic processes
-Have a clearly articulated proposal to offer
-Can demonstrate why they will benefit from working within our building and organisation

This opportunity is open to artists based in the UK and internationally.

Siobhan Davies Studios is fully accessible and we welcome applications from artists with access needs.

For the residencies: the organisers will offer £500 toward the cost of making your residency public and can offer those based outside of London a modest contribution toward travel expenses along with help with arranging low-cost accommodation.

For the performances: the organisers will offer the selected artists a limited amount of rehearsal space alongside technical support and marketing for the event. We will also offer an honorarium for participation of £200 for choreographers and £100 for each additional performer or collaborator up to a maximum of £500 total, alongside a small amount toward travel expenses and help with arranging low-cost accommodation for those based outside of London.

Deadline: 12 February 2018

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