Suomen kansainvälisten taiteilijoiden keskuksen, Globe Art Pointin avoimet ovet 14.2. Helsingissä


Global Art Point is an independent centre situated in Helsinki centre (Kamppi) aimed to promote equality and integration inside the Finnish art and culture sector.

-We distribute information especially useful for professional non-Fininsh born artists and culture workers residing Finland, about projects, funding, labor legislation and tax system, by our website , by organising and holding events such as seminars, workshops, discussions and lectures, by developing surveys and researches, by advising sessions for associations, projects and artists.

-We offer a space for international art and culture workers to create community and develop their network and projects,  and we work on build bridges between them and the Finnish art and culture workers as well as the organisations

-We Act as an advocate and representative of foreign artists inside the cultural political decision making and the Nordic-Baltic and global networks.

-The Globe Art Point is established and managed by Globe Art Point ry the International, funded in 2016 by foreign artists´ communities.

WELCOME TO OUR OPEN DOORS DAY! 14. February – Open Doors

Do you have doubts about what we do? Would you like to share something with us or just get to know each other better?

Pass by our Headquarters at any time from 10 to 15h and grab a coffee with us!

Would you like to know more people on the field? Are you thinking about the possibility of joining us? or are you just curious about what is going on with the members of G.A.P.? or do you want something to share?

At 16h we will have an informal open meeting were our members will introduce their associations and collectives, who are they, what they do and what are their future plans around some snacks and nice people.

You are invited to introduce your work too!