Survey: Business models in arts and cultural organisations


In the framework of Creative Lenses, the organised have launched an online survey to understand how cultural and arts organisations are innovating their business models.

About Business Models

A Business Model is the way through which an organization exploits resources and assets and delivers its operations to generate value for stakeholders and guarantee social impact for society as well as economic sustainability.

The Survey

The survey asks you information about your income and funding sources, as well as the type changes you have made to your organisation in order to improve your sustainability.

How will participating in the survey help arts and cultural organisations?

The results will be shared with funders, policy makers and researchers. The survey is one of several ways the Creative Lenses project is gathering data about performing arts organisations and cultural centres in Europe to help us better understand how support and training can be better aligned to their needs. By taking part in the survey, organisations will help ensure that any resulting changes to policy and funding will be more relevant to their needs.

Target Groups

The survey is addressed to performing arts organisations and cultural centres in Europe. Within those organisations, we would like to reach people with access to financial information about the organisation, this may be CEOs, Managing Directors, Financial Managers, Communication Managers, Programmers or anyone else with access to the necessary information.

Deadline: 31 October 2017

More information and the survey: