THAR BE DRAGONS will organize a workshop for dancers and actors in Turku 12.05.2022. This workshop is an opportunity to experience the company’s working methods within its creative processes, as well as a networking opprtunity for future projects.

The work of THAR BE DRAGONS explores the poetics of dance, theater, and performance art. Their practice incorporates methods to develop psychophysical material and performative possibilties.


Infinite singularity

In this workshop, we will explore our capacity to build bridges between the ineffable virtual spaces of our individual and collective minds to the actual spaces of our bodies and the material around us. We will draw upon a voice-body connection and develop rhizomatic awreness that connects the individual to the group within a ’zero-state’. This ’zero-state’ supports a fluidity that allows us to shift and morph who and what we are at any given moment, where we become available to deeper meaning-making processes. Ultimately, the goal of this workshop is to provide tools for participants to engage with, integrate into, and reimagine within their own practice.

THAR BE DRAGONS is committed to artistic research within the frame of playful, safe and brave spaces. The workshop is highly exploratory, and we encourage a curious approach to each practice and its limitless potentials.

The price of the workshop will include a ticket for one ETERNAL RETURN performance on 11.05. or 12.05. which is part of this year’s FINFRINGE festival.

When: 12.05.2022,  12:30-15:30
Where: Turku, Manilla
Participation fee: 30e (including a ticket to one performance)
Performance: 11.05 and 12.05, 19:00,  Åbo Svenska Teater (main stage)
Contact information: (Annamari) or (Ryan).

Registrations ends 10.05.2022!

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