The German Dance Association: Travel and Accommodation Grants for Training in Dance Pedagogy | DL 7 Feb 


Matka- ja majoitusapurahaa tanssipedagogien koulutuksiin Saksassa, hae 7.2. mennessä!

We’ll fund travel costs for dance teachers who indend to participate in ongoing and further training courses in dance pedagogy – held within the next year in Germany. 

The German Dance Association (Dachverband Tanz Deutschland) is calling for applications for travel and accommodation grants for ongoing and further training courses in dance pedagogy.

The call for applications is aimed at people working in all areas of movement and dance who would like to attend longer continuous and further training courses in the field of dance pedagogy and education. All practitioners in the dance sector in Germany and Europe are eligible to apply and applications may be submitted in German or English.

The ongoing and further training courses can be attended from 1 February 2023 to 31 December 2023 and must be held in Germany.

Jury Process and Selection Criteria

A jury of three experts in dance pedagogy and dance education will decide on the applications. The selection criteria are: professional qualification, engagement in dance education, and the need and suitability of the longer-term further training course (mind. 2 dates between February and December 2023).

Applications will be rated higher with regard to certain aspects, e.g.:

  • Submissions from applicants living in rural areas who have to travel to urban agglomerations,
  • Europeans (particularly from Eastern Europe) who have to travel to Germany to attend a continuous or further training course that is not available in their location,
  • People who can otherwise not afford the ongoing and further training courses,
  • People who can demonstrate voluntary, civic, social, ecological or pedagogic engagement, or involvement in clubs and associations.

The travel and accommodation grants for continuous and further training courses in Germany will be provided on a pro rata basis up to the amount of the calculated costs but with a maximum of 1,300.00 euros overall. Up to a travel time of 7 hours, no flights will be funded, for environmental sustainability reasons. The calculation of travel and accommodation costs should be set out in the application. (Applicants may not apply for daily allowances.)

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For any questions about applications and the call for applications, please contact Frau Friederike Kloss via email at

Applicants needing assistance or support with the application as well as when travelling, or who come up against barriers when applying, should please contact us via email. We are happy to advise you and discuss the options available.

Deadline:  7 February 2023.