The International Choreographers Week 9.-13.3.2019 (The Netherlands)



How the experience of our physicality influences the choreographic practice

The International Choreographers Week (ICW) is a platform for meeting and exchange. It offers choreographers from all over the world the opportunity to learn from each other and enrich themselves despite – or perhaps because of – their differing approaches. Over the course of five days, an international team of specialists provides a program with workshops, lectures, meetings and conversations. In addition, meals, presentations and performance visits are part of the program.

Where: Tilburg, The Netherlands
When: 9th – 13th of March 2019
Costs for participants: €300,-

Deadline for applications: December 19th

The week will be led by dramaturge Guy Cools (among others Akram Kahn / Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and author of, among others, Imaginative Bodies, Dialogues in Performance Practices) in collaboration with Heleen Volman – artistic director DansBrabant and Dirk Dumon – leader Bachelor of Choreography Fontys Dance Academy. The week will host guest speakers and workshop leaders such as Ben Spatz (author of What a Body Can Do: Technology as Knowledge, Practice as Research 2015), Guilherme Miotto (choreographer – Instinctive Performance) ), Sandra Lange (physical connection and awareness in performance and science), Arno Schuitemaker (choreographer – sensory experience) and Marije Nie and Adriana La Selva (Cross-Pollination Practice).


In this eighth edition of the ICW, we will discuss the theme of ‘physicality and embodiment’. Our own body, the bodies of dancers, the bodies of the audience … In the practice of a choreographer, there are several bodies that influence how work is done, communicated and received. How do people experience their body today, which influences play a role in this experience of the body and what does that mean in the choreographic practice?

Migration, globalization, feminism, the rise of the New Age / consciousness culture. Influences from socio-cultural, technological and scientific angles are examined. In dialogue with the group and in interviews with each other and with people from different social and cultural backgrounds, we identify the implicit and explicit ideas, assumptions and presuppositions about the body and determine choices in choreographic research, in the creation of work and in formulating assignments to dancers. Do we mainly find consensus around the body or also ideological controversies?

How to apply:

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Deadline registration: 12 December 2018
Result selection: December 19 2018

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