The IUGTE Performing Arts Conference 2022 (Austria) 25-29 July


Kansainvälinen konferenssi Itävallassa heinäkuun lopussa: ”Performing Arts Between Tradition and Contemporaneity”. Rekisteröidy nyt!

July 25 – 29, 2022 Laubegg Castle – Ragnitz, Austria

Performing Arts Between Tradition and Contemporaneity is the annual international multidisciplinary conference exploring the bridge between the traditional” and ”contemporary” in performing arts. The IUGTE Conference is a gathering of performing artists, academics, teachers, managers, producers and designers from a wide variety of creative fields, including theatre, dance, music, visual and multimedia art, arts administration, performing arts training, stage design and theatre technology.

The conference offers the unique opportunity:

  • To exchange experience and share ideas in performing arts education and training, rehearsal process and performance practice
  • To demonstrate various methods and techniques in contemporary performance, inspired and formed in connection with the world’s traditional heritage
  • To meet colleagues from all over the world, establish new contacts and lay a foundation for future collaboration in multicultural and multilingual artistic environment

You can visit the event as a Speaker and as a Participant. Also, together with the non-profit organization ArtUniverse we can offer special payment terms for groups of 10 people for The IUGTE Conference and Physical Theatre Lab and in this case, the participation of the Speaker from the delegation is free. Also through the Conference, you can promote your organization, your work, your research and find new valuable contacts for future fruitful collaborations.

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