The World is Sound, 3-week training program in Berlin


The World is Sound 3-week training program in Voice & Movement Performance with Irena Tomažin, Corinne Castelli, Alessio Castellacci.

Where: Berlin, Germany
When: Feb 12 – Mar 02, 2018

Deadline for applications: Dec 20, 2017

The World is Sound (TWIS) is a 3-week immersive program dedicated to the exploration of the human voice as medium for physical expression in contemporary performance.

During the program you are invited to a journey of discovery and surrender to your voice’s innate quality and sound signature, through precise anatomical work, touch and sound perceptual practices, the use of poetic imagery as a motor for explorative movement and through the experience of your emotional body in a supportive group setting.

The three voice artists Corinne Castelli, Irena Tomažin and Alessio Castellacci share their own research and working tools from complementary lineages (Lichtenberg Method, Body Mind Centering, traditional folk singing, voice&movement instant composition) , connecting them into an integrated approach to the study of the human voice.

Each day starts with voice warm-up classes facilitated by Corinne Castelli, followed by the afternoon intensives led by Alessio Castellacci and Irena Tomažin, in which they will guide an in-depth practice of different aspects of voice & movement performance. In the 3rd week time is dedicated to further development of performance tools through initiation of personal and collaborative work, with the support of Irena Tomažin and Alessio Castellacci’s mentoring.


Feb 12 – Feb 23
Classes “Embodying Voice” with Corinne Castelli

Feb 12 – Feb 16
Intensive “The synesthetic voice” with Alessio Castellacci

Feb 19 – Feb 23
Intensive “Body, voice, text” with Irena Tomažin

Feb 26 – March 2
Mentoring week “Personal and collaborative research”
with Irena Tomažin and Alessio Castellacci

Deadline to apply Dec 20, 2017

Fee 900€ (one payment) OR 1000€ (2 installments)

Location: Urbanraum Dance studio (

For inquiries write at

For further information, please visit

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