Thibault Monnier: workshop 9.-11.1.2019 Helsingissä


Tanssille ry:n kevätkausi alkaa Thibault Monnierin ohjaamalla työpajalla 9.-11.1.2019 klo 10-12.15.
Hinta yhdistyksen jäsenelle on 70€ ja ei-jäsenelle 110€.
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WEDNESDAY 9.11: focus on enabling the body to reach its full movement capacity, it includes warmup, choreography and improvisation: show me who you are. We will learn some parts of my repertoire as well and link it to finding new neoclassical and modern approaches to moving through space as I get to know you.

THURSDAY 10.11: focus on improvisation tasks. We will concentrate on intuitive improvisation, we will also connect it to moving in and out of choreography and open our brains to new paths with our bodies. Acknowledging and forgetting, two key words which will support us throughout the daily workshop.

FRIDAY 11.11: choreography workshop, creation/creating on and with you. Women (and men) are more than welcome to come with their pointe shoes, we will turn them into a tool for performative contemporary dance.

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Thibault Monnier: : intuitive improvisation and spatial design.
I am a neo-classical trained dancer, therefore my style is strongly influenced by that. But I do work only on modern movement and especially on exhaustion in order to find relaxation and fluidity. We will also work on theatre based notions such as the use of voice and breath, and will work on connecting the dots as a group and get out of ur own bubbles.

So if you are looking for a new conceptual AND performative way to move, swing by and we will work on amazing cool stuff!