TOWARDS 2019: Intensive cycle of workshops in Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts, Sweden


Intensive cycle of workshops with German Jauregui Allue, Judith Sanchez Ruiz, Frey Faust, Laura Aris, David Zambrano and Francesco Scavetta

TOWARDS is a cycle of intensive workshops that include physical praxis, evening lectures, video screenings, and live performances. It’s the metaphor of aiming at something – to expose and engage ourselves in physical investigations and conceptual challenges that can foster creativity and encourage discoveries. TOWARDS see pedagogy as a continuous intellectual provocation, an occasion for inspiration through paradoxes and awakenings and as a desire to overturn common sense and question what we have learned.

TOWARDS offers the occasion to explore the work of renowned international artists, gaining an insight into their practice and methodologies as well the philosophical and poetic worlds that trigger their creative research.
The project started in August 2018 with Julyen Hamilton’s workshop, ‘Making Dances – compositional and poetic richness’.
In 2019, the workshops will be organized in three blocks of two weeks. Each week will include:
– a lecture for sharing theoretical reflections
– evening video screenings
– a final performative event

TOWARDS is curated by Francesco Scavetta and organized by Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts, in collaboration with Sekoia – Artes Performativas.


• 1 – 6 APR (6 DAYS = 30H) •
German Jauregui Allue | ”Ultima Vez vocabulary: technique + partnering work”

• 8 – 12 APR (5 DAYS = 25H) •
Judith Sanchez Ruiz | ”Your Own God: improvisation workshop”

• 27 – 31 MAY (5 DAYS = 25H) •
Frey Faust | ”The Axis Syllabus”

• 3 – 7 JUN (5 DAYS = 25H) •
Laura Aris | ”Play Full Body”

• 26 – 30 AUG (5 DAYS = 25H) •
David Zambrano | ”Flying Low & Passing Through”

• 2 – 6 SEP (5 DAYS = 25H) •
Francesco Scavetta | ”Embodying semantic”

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1 full cycle (2 consecutive workshops) = 450€
2 full cycle (4 consecutive workshops) = 850€

1 single workshop = 270€
2 single workshops of different cycles = 490€

OBS! Accommodation is included for a limited number of participants.