Tukholman taideyliopiston avoin verkkoluentosarja / Eugenia Cadús (Argentiina): A Critical Historiography in Movement, 11.4.


Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola: Argentiinalainen tanssihistorioitsija Eugenia Cadús esittelee työtään ma 11.4. klo 20 Suomen aikaa. Tässä linkki verkkoluennolle.

EUGENIA CADÚS: A Critical Historiography in Movement (live-streamed presentation)

Meet Argentina based dance scholar Eugenia Cadús at SKH Dance Open Lectures, presenting her artistic work as a dance historian. The presentation will be live-streamed Monday 11 April at 20.00 (Finnish time).

This presentation addresses my artistic work as a dance historian. The need to connect my dance practice and my historical theoretical research led me to collaborate with local artists. While I do not consider my archival and writing practice separate from my dance or creativity, in this case I will be exploring my specific work on dance pieces. Through this collaboration (as an advisor, expert consultant, dramaturg…?) both of my practices inform and expand each other, creating different paths and possibilities for researching and understanding both practices, as well as memory and history.

How does this back and forth movement work in my case?
What is the status of history and choreography as disciplines that can reflect on collective memory?

I will consider these questions through two dance works in which I have participated, choreographed by Carla Rímola and Laura Figueiras, Polvaredal (2019) and Bajo el signo de Saturno (2020). Both explore Argentine dance history from different perspectives, themes, and people. Polvaredal (Dust Cloud) examines Argentine national history through folklore, focusing on the role of women. Bajo el Signo de Saturno (Under the Sign of Saturn), on the other hand, explores the past of the Contemporary Ballet of the San Martín Theater, its narratives and its embodied history. Based on these two approaches to dance history, I will reflect on dance memory and the possibilities of (re)writing/performing history in Argentina.

Eugenia Cadús

Eugenia Cadús is a dance scholar based in Argentina. She is an Assistant Researcher at the Argentine National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), based at the National University of the Arts. She holds a PhD in Arts History and Theory from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), where she teaches courses in dance studies. Her research interests include Latin American concert dance and politics, representations of identity and nation, and decolonial studies. She directs the GEDAL (Argentine and Latin-American Dance Studies Working Group) based at UBA. She is Nominations Committee Representative at Dance Studies Association (DSA). She is member of the Editorial Board of Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies and Editorial Council Member of the Dance Studies book series at UNAM (Mexico). Cadús is also a dance practitioner and her work in creative practice includes serving as a dramaturg and historical consultant for contemporary dance plays. She is the author of Dance and Peronism. Debates Between Elite Culture and Popular Cultures (Biblos Editorial, 2020).