Tule keskustelemaan taiteesta Galleria Huutoon Helsingissä


You are warmly invited to 4 O’Clock TEAS on Saturday 10th Sept at 4pm Galleria Huuto, Jätkäsaari, Tyynenmerenkatu 6, Helsinki

to meet and converse with artists, curators, dancers, designers, writers and others in an informal gathering around the ritual of drinking tea.

The event is hosted by Outrider Artists (Ire) and co-created by whoever attends and the structure facilitates one-to-one connections. It is motivated by the pleasure and potential of cross cultural conversation and or silence.

A starting point for conversation could be “I forgot the future” (O’Dwyer 2016).

The Irish Ambassador will attend as well as artists and curators from Ireland, Estonia, Scotland and Finland.

Hosted by Irish Outrider Artists, Maria Kerin and Fiona O’Dwyer, who is exhibiting in Huuto gallery from 10-26 Sept.