Tutkimuslaboratorio Ranskassa


The Villa Arson is calling for candidacy for the session 2016 – 2019.

The programme is intended for artists who wish to implement a research program based on their artistic practice. The three year programme (which begins with the last trimester in 2016) aims at enabling eight artists to develop their research at the Villa Arson.

The team directing the programme includes directors and faculty members, and represents the various artistic orientations and research programs at the Villa Arson.

The programme is intended for young artists who have graduated from an art school (or the equivalent) at least two years previously.

All kinds of artistic practices can be considered (visual arts, design, music, dance, film, literature, etc.) in as much as they interact with the visual arts.

The participants will benefit from favorable working conditions and from a specifically designed program of meetings with various guests: artists, curators, art critics and theoreticians, and scientists.

Each artist selected will benefit from the following conditions and means:
-an annual scholarship of €5000;
-a work space in two collective studios, and access to the technical workshops of the institution;
-access to all existing on site resources dedicated to artistic research.

Deadline: 30 June

More information: www.villa-arson.org/2016/05/3eme-cycle-de-la-villa-arson-session-2016-2019/